Interesting Questions About Email List Building 500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势

Lisa asks…

What is the best way to advertise by e-mail?

I have a small photography company and I want to build new clientele. I’ve come up with a marketing plan however, I need to be able to advertise through e-mail. What’s the best way?

Richard answers:

Email is tricky because you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 need to make sure that you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 have the permission/consent of the person you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 are emailing.

I would suggest having new clients fill out an info form when they first come to you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 and then include a section on the form asking for permission to send them email. Make sure that you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 also state that you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 will not sent them any third party mailings or sell their address. Then I would suggest sending out a monthly newsletter with info about you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r latest promotions and projects. You could also email out the occasional coupon/special offer to existing clients. Just make sure that at the bottom of you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r email you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 include an unsubscribe link in case they wish to stop receiving emails from you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r business.

Depending if you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r company is local or online based you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 may want to work with an outside mailing company. If you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 have an online company, there are newsletters that are willing to ‘rent out’ their email lists to outside parties to promote their product or service.

Jenny asks…

My friend served in Egypt in the Suez Canal Emergency 1950. How does he get his general service medal?

My friend is nearly 80 and he thinks he is entitled to get the general service medal but hasn’t a clue how to go about it. He is rather proud and doesn’t see why he should have to chase this up. I think he should have the medal he is entitled to. Can anyone tell me how to go about this for him?
Without-style: Could you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 ask you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r dad if he had to pay? I would be grateful. Thanks.

In the meantime thanks very much to Colin M with the details my friend needs. he still knows his rank and service number and if he is holding one of my sticks (I am on 2 crutches) for me he stands to attention with the stick as gun and quotes his rank and service number as if he is reporting for duty – it wasn’t a very good idea when the police helicopter as hovering over us the other day!!!!

Also thanks to Conranger1
I now have found out he served from 1952 to 1953.
Thanks martdfrogman. Especially with the fax and email address as I am profoundly deaf and end up often having to chase things up for my friend, which can be very difficult sometimes!

Richard answers:

This is taken from the UK Veterans website.
I have used these guys to help apply for my Fathers medals for him.


Good luck.

Applying for the medal

Veterans of the Canal Zone, or the next-of-kin of those who have died, should apply in writing to the MOD Medal Office, giving full name, date of birth and Service number. As with the initial issue of all other British campaign awards there will be no charge for the medal. There has been criticism in the Press about delays in issuing these medals, which was caused by a backlog of initial applications received in the latter half of 2003. At peak, the medal offices received over 2,000 applications in a week. Since then over 40,000 cases have been reviewed and the waiting list has been reduced substantially. It is anticipated that all outstanding cases will be dealt with within the next few months.

The address of the medal office is as follows:

MOD Medal Office
Building 250
RAF Innsworth

Email: JPAC@500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势
Fax: 0141 224 3586
Free Phone: 0800 085 3600
Overseas Civ: +44 (0) 141 224 3600

They will acknowledge every application on receipt. In common with other campaign medals, all applications will be dealt with strictly in the order that they are received. Although the backlog has been substantially reduced in recent months please be prepared for a wait. A dedicated Canal Zone new section has been established at the Medal Office and all the available resources are concentrating on recovering the necessary Service files from the Departmental archives, checking individual eligibility and preparing medals for despatch. All cases are being dealt with as quickly as possible.

Ken asks…

How do I start a network marketing business?

i Was told today that i would do great in network marketing, what exactly is this, how do i get started building a business, like the very first step, please dont refer me to websites, unless they will give me step by step on exactly 100% how to do it. please answer me only if you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 have complete knowledge. Thank you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势!

Richard answers:

Simply put it’s referral marketing. You become a distributor for a company. You sell the product/service and get paid for it. You also recruit others to do the same and you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 earn overrides from their sales. The basic concept is this. We recommend things to others every day. We just don’t get paid for it. Most people will never be a great salesperson, but everyone can recommend something and make a few sales. By recruiting others you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 are building a team of other people who can make a few sales. Eventually you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 have a lot of people each doing a little bit and it adds up to a significant income.

As for how to start most people will say just sign up and make a list of people you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 know then present the info to them. I disagree. The first step is to find the right company. There are lots of network marketing companies out there. Some are good, some are bad and some are really just ponzi schemes disguised as network marketing. There are lots of fly by night and me too companies out there. It is very important to choose a stable company with a real product or service that you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 can believe in and that gives people more value than what they pay for it. If you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 would not buy a product if there were no business opportunity attached to it then that is not the company for you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势. I’ve written an article on how to evaluate network marketing opportunities (general info, doesn’t recommend a specific company). Email me if you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 want the link to it. I can also suggest several stable companies worth looking into.

After you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势’ve found the right company and signed up you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 need to plug in to the system. A good network marketing company will have a simple, duplicatable system that is idiot proof. Actually sometimes idiots do better, because they just follow the simple instructions rather than thinking they are smarter than anyone else and trying to reinvent the wheel. Your sponsor or someone in you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r upline should be there to “hold you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r hand” in the beginning stages of you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r business and walk you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 through the steps of building you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r business and teach you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 that system. As you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 grow you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r business and begin to feel more comfortable with it they should still be there to support you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 as needed. The first thing you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r sponsor and the system will teach you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 is to contact everyone you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 know and share the info about you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r new business with them. They will teach you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 how exactly to go about doing that. You want to do it in a way that they don’t feel that you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 are just calling to sell them something and just reject you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 without even looking at the info. You may invite them to a presentation at you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r 500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势, give them a DVD or CD, send them to a website, take them to a professional lunch presentation or evening presentation at a local meeting room, etc. After you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 get going you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r sponsor will let you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 know which specific tools you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r company has available and how to use them. After that you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 will learn how to prospect for new customers and distributors while you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 are out doing the things you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 normally do.

Charles asks…

How do you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 go about applying for flight attendant jobs?

I’m interested in becoming a flight attendant. I have a bachelor’s in psychology and I’m 23 years old and a girl. I think I’m qualified b/c I have strong customer service skills and I speak spanish well.

I tried looking online and a lot of the websites don’t have any open positions?

Richard answers:

Both of the websites listed by Lisa will have information about which airlines are hiring.
Go on the websites of as many airlines as you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 can: build a profile by uploading you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r resume and putting in all the requested information.
Set up you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r job interest and save a job search, then sign up for email alerts when the jobs open.
Some airlines, like Southwest no longer give job alert emails but use RSS feeds.
Here is some further information about the job:
Most airlines require you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 to be at least 18, but the most common minimum age is 21.
There is much more to the position than smiling and being attractive.
All cabin crew have extensive training in emergency procedures, first aid, security and safety.
Don’t take courses on you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r own; this will not give you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 any advantage. Any airline that hires you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 will put you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 through extensive training.
To make you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 competitive for an airline job, you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 must have some good customer service background.
The ideal candidate will be well groomed, poised and friendly, with weight proportionate to height.
You also must not have multiple piercings (usually only one per ear lobe), and no visible tattoos, meaning nothing above the shoulders, below the elbows or below the knees.
You must be able to show that you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 are gracious and handle pressure well, that you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 are a team player and a good decision maker.

If the airline likes you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r resume, you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 will be invited to an information session, then to a group interview, and next to a one on one interview.
When the airline is ready to offer you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 a job, you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 will be asked to provide fingerprints and you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r passport, a 10 year background check will be conducted, and you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 will be given a physical assessment and drug test.

If all that is good, you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 will be scheduled for initial training which last 4-6 weeks.
Get ready to fly!!

Lizzie asks…

How do I use the camera on my laptop, a SAMSUNG RV520? I can’t find it anywhere on control panel, etc?

Built in camera, but I have no idea how to turn it on or use it. It is not in devices or when I search for camera or webcam.

Richard answers:

Just got a new computer? Almost all new laptops and netbooks have built-in webcams to use for video chat or video email recordings. If you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 are new to webcams, you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r first question might be: How do I use the webcam? Often there are no instructions provided with the computer, there is no icon to click, and no webcam listed under the programs list. This article describes an easy way to test a webcam to make sure it is working and enabled, how to use a computer webcam to record videos and take pictures, how to use a webcam for video mail, and how to use a webcam for video chat services.
Read more……………

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