Interesting Questions About Email Marketing

Ruth asks…

Techy stuff I need to know before I start an email marketing campaign ?

I need some advice related to the more techy part of email marketing. I hear things about aweber, VPS, interspire, MTA, Dedicated Servers, socks proxies, SMTP etc. But everything is so confusing.
Let’s say I have a BIG forum with thousands and thousands of members and I want to send them an e-mail every 2 weeks. I read all about spam acts, subscribers, unsubscribers, opt-ins, double-optins,
HTML email format but I can’t seem to make the connection between the marketing part and the tech part of this.

What do I need in terms of hardware, software, scripts and all that ?
If I have interspire do I need VPS ?
If I have interspire do I need socks proxies ?
If I want to send 10.000 emails to all the members in one day what kind of VPS do I need (RAM,HDD,internet connection) ?
If I want to send 200 emails/day what kind of VPS do I need ?
If I have VPS do I need a a aweber account ?

Please explain in you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r own words…

Richard answers:

Well if you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 just want to send email to members of the forum then provided if you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 are an admin you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 should be able to do it via Admin control panel

1) You’ll need an email sending software and autoresponder
Autoresponders are messages that are automatically sent when subscribers sign up to receive information from you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势. You can schedule a whole series of messages to go out at the daily intervals you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 set.

2) yes
4) A good Vps with moderate specs.
5) Can be done through 500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 connection
6) Makes things easier refer 1 for autoresponder

Sharon asks…

Wat is a good book about email marketing?

I’m looking for a good book about email marketing. It has to include mailings and newsletters. How to create the best newsletter out there for example.

Any tips?

Richard answers:

Here’s a list of the top five email marketing books.


Here’s a good book on branding, just for fun.

Betty asks…

How to build targeted email marketing lists?

I am a affiliater.
How to build targeted email marketing lists?

Richard answers:

You ask you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r readers/visitors for their emails when they are entering you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r site. You can also do some SEM or buy email collectors.

William asks…

Has anyone used an email marketing company to send out safelist emails?

There are so many email marketing companies on the internet and it is difficult to choose which one to go for to promote affiliate products.

Is there anyone who has used one and can happily recommend?

Many thanks.

Richard answers:

You will just build you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势rself a reputation as a SPAMMER .. Whilst you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 may gain some customers this way you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 will loose many others …

Robert asks…

How to Start Bulk Email Marketing Without Becoming a Spammer?

Without spamming and fair with Google Penguin I want to start Bulk Email Marketing. I want a real bulk email service provider company.

Richard answers:

It is pretty easy actually. You don’t have to be a spammer to be using bulk email service. There are actually a lot of legit reasons why you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 might want to bulk email, for example to distribute marketing material for you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r currently subscribed customers, or customers that subscribed through various other marketing methods. My best choice for you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 would be Jangomail, they are pretty professional and flexible in terms of what you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 want to display on a website subscription form.

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