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Interesting Questions About Opt In List Definition

Donald asks…

What is the probability she would get it right?

Nora was given a list of words by her teacher to look up in a dictionary and write definitions too, while she was working on it, her ball pen broke and a drop of ink blotted out a letter in one of the words, all Nora could see was p t , being a smart girl, Nora figured out that the blotted letter was a Vowel. If she makes a guess for the word.

Richard answers:

1 in 7 – pat, pet, pit, pot, put, apt, opt.

Jenny asks…

Did you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 know of Mercury being given in childrens vaccines?

Thimerosal – an ingredient in many vaccines for intermuscular injection is a mecury compound.

“Thiomersal (INN) (C9H9HgNaO2S), commonly known in the United States as thimerosal, is an organomercury compound (approximately 49% mercury by weight)

You can opt out – if you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 knew of it’s effects to brain development.

Richard answers:

“What year did they did that?”
EVERY year. Looks like they may have stopped putting it in vaccines in 2008 [see link below] But i am leary of any claims that they’ve eliminated it completely.

The Alopathic medical industry, including the drug industry [and it IS an industry] wants you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 to believe it isn’t harmful.

“… thimerosal (a mercury compound used as an antiseptic, antifungal, and preservative), which was present in the DPT vaccine,…). Animal studies have shown … brain injury by thimerosal….children with condition have been found to have elevated mercury levels in body tissues, have improved when mercury removed using chelation therapy…. Vaccine authorities…removed thimerosal from childhood vaccines, ALTHOUGH ENVIRONMENTAL MERCURY REMAINS A SIGNIFICANT THREAT.”


BUT mercury is still used in many medications and is being DUMPED INTO OUR WATERWAYS BY THE TONS EACH YEAR BY DENTISTS, who are fiercely fighting the scientific validation of mercury as a toxin, because they’ve used it in fillings, etc. For decades and would be sued to the poor house if it was determined to be toxic! [Source: Hmmmmmm, sorry, i've done a lot of research over the years.]


Thimerosal is STILL found in [partial list]
*Some eye drops
*Some nasal drops

3 FORMS OF MERCURY that cause health problems.
Where Found:
Inorganic mercury can be found in:
Organic mercury can be found in:
Methylmercury poisoning Definition:
Causes [PREVIEW]:
*used to preserve seed grain, which is FED TO ANIMALS THAT WE EAT.
*in water.
*after people have eaten meat from animals fed seedgrain or FISH from waters contaminated with methylmercury (such as Minamata Bay in Japan.)
*Unborn babies and you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势ng infants are very sensitive to methylmercury’s effects. … central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) damage.

AVOID FISH that may contain unsafe levels of methylmercury. [AVOID LARGE FISH, BOTTOM FEEDERS, FARMED FISH [Fed unhealthy, unrestricted feed & raised in enclosures that don't have fresh water circulating in them sufficiently to move their waste out, or very close to shore, swimming in their waste.] & FISH CAUGHT CLOSE TO SHORE WHERE SEWAGE IS OFTEN RELEASED] Such fish includes SWORDFISH, KING MACKEREL, SHARK, OR TILEFISH. (YOUNG INFANTS should not be given these fish, either.) You should not eat any type of these fish CAUGHT BY FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Check you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r local or state health departments for warnings against locally caught, noncommercial fish.

Symptoms [partial list]:
Cerebral palsy
Growth problems
Microcephaly (small head)



To jump start you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r education a little, continue to links below.

Susan asks…

What is the relationship between rationalism and intelligence?

I need help with this question for my philosophy class.
It is just the basic definition of rationalism, against the basic definition of intelligence. Is there a relationship?

Richard answers:

You need to decide what ‘rationalism’ means. There may be a context.
Have you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 been studying works of a particular philosopher, concerning ‘rationalism’?
You need to state what you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 understand ‘rationalism’ means. Not every person will answer this the same.
You then need to relate that to intelligence. Is a certain level of intelligence needed to successfully practice rationalism?

I would argue that there is no relationship.
Rationalism can be done at a very low ineffectual level, Chimps act rational, and are hardly intelligent.
Some very intelligent minds are not at all rational. Some artists were intellectual geniuses but their thinking was very irrational.
Artistic creativity is the antitheses of rationality, as I see it.
I doubt that this answer would win you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 points with you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r instructor.

~ ~ ~
Does this apply to you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 current studies?

The expression “continental rationalism” refers to a set of views more or less shared by a number of philosophers active on the European continent during the latter two thirds of the seventeenth century and the beginning of the eighteenth. Rationalism is most often characterized as an epistemological position. On this view, to be a rationalist requires at least one of the following: (1) a privileging of reason and intuition over sensation and experience, (2) regarding all or most ideas as innate rather than adventitious, (3) an emphasis on certain rather than merely probable knowledge as the goal of enquiry. While all of the continental rationalists meet one or more of these criteria, this is arguably the consequence of a deeper tie that binds them together—that is, a metaphysical commitment to the reality of substance, and, in particular, to substance as an underlying principle of unity.


~ ~ ~
Another context:

The dispute between rationalism and empiricism concerns the extent to which we are dependent upon sense experience in our effort to gain knowledge. Rationalists claim that there are significant ways in which our concepts and knowledge are gained independently of sense experience. Empiricists claim that sense experience is the ultimate source of all our concepts and knowledge.

Rationalists generally develop their view in two ways. First, they argue that there are cases where the content of our concepts or knowledge outstrips the information that sense experience can provide. Second, they construct accounts of how reason in some form or other provides that additional information about the world. Empiricists present complementary lines of thought. First, they develop accounts of how experience provides the information that rationalists cite, insofar as we have it in the first place. (Empiricists will at times opt for skepticism as an alternative to rationalism: if experience cannot provide the concepts or knowledge the rationalists cite, then we don’t have them.) Second, empiricists attack the rationalists’ accounts of how reason is a source of concepts or knowledge.


~ ~ ~
A ‘basic definition’ still has context.
There is no “plain old, regular, garden variety rationalism”.
There is a relationship if that is you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r position.
Define the terms in you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 own mind, then answer the question.
Philosophy requires thinking, not spewing out grocery lists.
Here is a philosophy 101 discussion of Rationalism:

Rationalism is the philosophical stance according to which reason is the ultimate source of human knowledge. It rivals empiricism according to which the senses suffice in justifying knowledge. In a form or another, rationalism features in most philosophical tradition; in the Western one, it boasts a long and distinguished list of followers, including Plato, Descartes, and Kant.
See more:


That is about as much help as I can offer.
Are you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 High School, or University?

William asks…

What is a good starter camcorder for filming Parkour?

I want to find a good starter camcorder that is easy to use, but is still good. I want to film my friend doing parkour.

Richard answers:

Hi “Dino” and welcome to Yahoo!Answers:

Since parkour and other freerunning activities typically would involve you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 moving with the “action”, two things to look for in a camcorder for this would be:
1) a wide angle lens (or decent “wide” setting on the zoom). This is both to help keep the action in-frame, as well as minimize the shakiness of the image. The “tighter” the zoom or angle-of-view, the harder it is to keep a moving object framed-up, plus if you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 are running with the camera as well, you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r movements will be magnified by a tighter lens angle.

2) a good Optical Image Stabilization feature (“OIS”). Optical stabilization works better than digital image stabilization methods. Canon labels theirs “OIS” and Sony calls it “SteadyShot”. Again, since parkour involves running and following a running subject, you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r hand-held footage will benifit from image stabilization features.

Since you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 are a 16-year old saving up for film school plans & with limited income, you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 might shop around on eBay or Craigs’ List, or even a local pawn shop (have you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r folks help you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 deal with potential sellers) for a good used Canon, Sony, or JVC model with MiniDV cassette storage. These store the highest bit-rate video for best quality and have good image stabilization; and most models accept inexpensive “fisheye” wide angle adapters (Opteka and Sunpak are cheap lens brands popular with skateboarders for their action & POV shots).

Your best bargains will be slightly older “standard definition” (non-HD) models, but you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势’ll still be able to shoot 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen (almost all MiniDV models have this setting). I’ve purchased several Canon ZR-series & JVC GR-series used for under-$100 each, with good success.

Just make sure you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 have a FireWire port or card on you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r editing computer to be able to transfer & edit the MiniDV video.

If you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 opt for a non-tape camcorder, just stay away from DVD and hard-drive models, since neither type deals with vibration very well during shooting.

Hope this helps,
–Dennis C.

Sandy asks…

What questions you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 often see repeatedly posted on here?

I noticed that this section is plagued by same questions posted almost everytime I log in so I thought to ask. I’m just curious.

Richard answers:

Can’t believe it was 2 months ago I asked this same question…so essentially you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r question is a repeat, but I came up with my own list when I asked: …btw, Mr. Perfect–you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势’re not so sophisticated that you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 can’t be immaculately imitated ;)

1) Questions about women wanting to be dominated or raped
2) Questions about virginity from various lonely or depressed virgins
3) Questions about generalized racial sexual traits (typically African males and females)
4) Questions about women farting
5) Questions about attacking a man’s nuts (particularly in NJ)
6) Questions about how women only want sex from guys that look like school boys (“Heroic” questions)
7) Questions about random, perhaps complex, medical conditions or procedures that have no relevance to gender or women’s studies (you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 know who you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 are)
8) Questions about all women being bisexual
9) Questions about men being afraid of intelligent or successful women
10) Questions about women in short shorts or whatever in the hell is nagging at CasualFan that particular day
11) Questions about why women are emotional
12) Questions about “bad boys” or “nice guys”
13) Questions about the legality, morality, or benefits of prostitution
14) Questions about prenups
15) Questions about gold-diggers or huge age gaps in relationships
16) Questions about the media exploiting or objectifying women’s sexuality
17) Questions about the basics of promiscuity
18) Questions about the basics of porn
19) Questions about the superiority of men’s or women’s intelligence
20) Questions about the female domination of the educational system
21) Questions about why some boyfriend is mistreating the asker (his girlfriend)
22) Questions about cougars
23) Questions about shrinking someone down to 1 or 2 inches and what would be done with them
24) Questions about the definition of “sIut”
25) Questions about the definition of “sexy”
26) Questions about what you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势’re having for dinner tonight
27) Questions about the wage gap
28) Questions about gays vs. Straights vs. Blue Eyed Christians
29) Questions about penis size in general or whether it matters to women

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker
Well I have sympathy for # 12 because I think we (society) might be the problem. If we didn’t say to everyone we reject, ” I’m sure you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势’re a nice guy/girl but I’d rather not date you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势” maybe they wouldn’t assume they’re not getting dates because they’re a nice guy/girl.

30. Are feminist sexist against men? It’s been asked a zillion times and the old questions can be pulled up for reference.
31. Why isn’t there a gender and men’s studies?.
32. Why don’t women pay for dates if they want to be equal?
33. Why can’t I as a man opt out of parenthood?

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Jun 03

Interesting Questions About Email Marketing

Nancy asks…

What is Email Marketing?What are different types of email marketing are there?

What is Email Marketing?What are different types of email marketing are there?

Richard answers:

Legit email marketing involved having an opt in list for people to sign up for.

Then, mass email is sent (per day, week, month, or whatever) with content. The person signing up may also be able to customize by saying how often they’re open to receiving emails.

Aweber is probably the most common one. They offer a free 1 month trial and I find it quite useful:

Mary asks…

How effective are email harvesting softwares when it comes to email marketing?

Are there people who are having success by using email harvesting softwares for email marketing? I want to buy an email spider but they are very expensive. So I want to be sure of their effectiveness before I buy. Also advise me on which email harvesting software is best to buy.

Richard answers:

Building an email list with an email spider is not the best solution. Your list we not be “clean” a lot of people will mark you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r emails as spam. This will cause more problems than results. You need to find intuitive solutions to get peoples email that are interested in the product you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 have to offer. Give something in exchange for example register for my email marketing tips and tricks newsletter.

Another good way to get users is to create contests and give away something.

You can check out our e-marketing solution http://www.beezilla-marketing.com there’s a few tools to help you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 build you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r contact list.

Sharon asks…

I am looking for an email marketing services provider in Chandigarh ,mohali India?

I am looking for an email marketing provider–similar to a Constant Contact–for our email marketing program. We send several per month.Would appreciate a referral to a company that you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 have used.

Richard answers:

I have used Trendyitsolutions.com for email marketing services provider a long time – great service at a great price and very good support to track the effectiveness.

Steven asks…

What’s the best email marketing company out there?

I’d like to buy a one time email blast as a gift for my brother who is a realtor. Anyone know of a legitimate and effective email marketing company out there I should look into?

Richard answers:

Well yes! Sure you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 can buy email marketing sites. There are many website who provide email marketing facilities. I’m sending you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 the list where u can find best email marketing companies according to their rank.

Carol asks…

How Email Marketing is the best online marketing technique to approach target audience?

My name is Egal Gabbay and I am running a company Griffin Holdings LLC. I have heard a lot about Email Marketing, I want to utilize this technique to grow my business revenue.

Richard answers:

It is very cost effective technique. You can have you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r target people emails from any database vendors. Try to use services of aweber.com etc which offer better tracking and followup of messages you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 send. Another best way is to have you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r own website/blog with great content related to you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r services and let visitors opt in for getting emails from you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 (This will be good in long term) so that you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势 can build a database of people who are interested in you500彩票幸运快三怎么看走势r services.

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